Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Sampler

Some things I've done this month:
-played in the sand

-hung around the house in my boots that I love

-smiled (because I'm so happy!!)

-Celebrated Mama's last day of school for the year

-Played and laughed with Dada (every day!!)

-Went to the bakery (yum!)

-Attended a wedding

-Saw animals at the wedding (!)

-Got really close to the animals

-Shared a frozen pudding popsicle with Mama

-Spent time with Dada before he left on a trip

-Listened really carefully to Dada (he's amazing!)

-Watched an Elmo clip

-Said "Memo, Memo, mo, mo" Translation: Elmo, Elmo, more, more

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