Saturday, January 7, 2012

Holidays, Around the House, Pre-Birthday Party (quite a few photos captured)

Not too sure about Santa. Miles was mostly interested in where the reindeer were and if Santa was going to eat the cookies we left for him.

Grace seemed to be curious. Miles was not completely sold.

Santa's maybe had a long day?

Best thing about visiting Santa at the mall? The rides and the food court after (Peter's old hangout:) ).

Miles gets comfortable reading just about anywhere. Grace wants to go in the box, too!

First night of Hanukkah.

Checking out what the stocking has inside.

Grace's first Christmas.

See if you can spot Miles.

Grace's first dolly! Mommy loves it, too.

Can't believe how big these kiddos are getting!

1st Christmas photo together.

These two are our heaven on earth.

Seems like not too long ago Miles was peeking over the window ledge from his bench. Now he's got a little sister to check things out with him.

Grace with Grandpa for an early birthday party for Miles.

Some cousins were able to make it. So fun!!! (and cute)


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